What Makes a Trip

March 9, 2011 at 4:21 pm Leave a comment

What do you think really makes a trip for you when you are going to a totally new place? The breathtaking view? Fantastic tourist’s attractions you could see there? Great and tasty food in the restaurants you visit?

If I were asked the very same question, I would definitely answer: the people I met and dealt with during my trip.

My husband, Adrian, and I have been travelling for over a month this time. It’s also the first time for us to visit Chile, Colorado, South Carolina, and while I am writing this we are in Arizona. We have been so far very blessed with the hospitality, kindness and friendship of all people we met and spent time with during our trip.

In Chile, we met and spent some quality time with our friends Danny & Inez Scott and also Grace Chapman who kept us company and showed us around. Mark & Lucy Ramirez,  Reib & Joy Barry, Bob & Leslie Kilborn are among the people we had fun with in Denver, Colorado.

We are also blessed we had lots of fun with some of Polydeck family members: Sam, Laas (hope I spelt his name correctly), Luis, Marco, and Ron who organized an overnight stay at Winterpark and welcomed us in their holiday house in Grand Lake, Colorado. With them we had so much fun doing snow mobile (I hit a pine tree and some of us got our machines got stuck in a deep snow, but we all still had lots of fun, hahaha…). The hospitality of Polydeck family hadn’t stopped just in Colorado, it continued all the way to South Carolina. Although we missed our flights, which had been arranged by Julius Bryant, to Atlanta and  Greenville, they still helped us to get the new flights and gave us a trully warm welcome when we finally got to South Carolina. Julius picked us up at the airport, gave us a ride to our hotel, and we then had some drinks and nibbles at the hotel bar…we had a great time. The next day and the day after, Peter Freissle, whom I’d call the father of Polydeck family, took us to this awesome Biltmore House, church with his beautiful children, BMW plant tour (which was such an experience), and a tour to Polydeck plant which was also impressive. We were and still are thankful of his and his Polydeck family’s generousity to us during our stay.

Here in Arizona, I had some fun with Eni Mosel yesterday when we were catching up. We plan to have some more fun in Phoenix downtown on Thursday this week. 

Oh, before flying to Santiago, Chile, we spent about 10 days in Murray Bridge, South Australia, Adrian’s home town. We had such a great time with Adrian’s family there for sure. I was also so happy that Sam & Irma Hewitt came to visit us in the farm with their gorgeous sons, Max and Lex.

I trully thank all people we met and spent time with during our trip….all who I have mentioned above and others I can’t even write one by one. You all have made our trip worthwhile 🙂


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Bike Riding @Santiago Hibernasi Panjang

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