My Clumsy Day…

September 16, 2010 at 2:38 pm Leave a comment

Okay…this is a little story of me being so clumsy…today!!

This morning when I was in the queue trying to get in to the Cengkareng airport at Terminal 2, pushing a trolley with my travel bag on it, I got distracted by a Starbucks Coffee outlet in my right hand side. Well, I have to have coffee in the morning, right? And this morning I didn’t have time to grab a cup of coffee because I was in a bit hurry going to the airport. I didn’t want to miss my flight. 

Anyway…the distraction brought me a little trouble. I accidentally hit a lady’s leg with my trolley. She was walking in front of me with her high heels. Realizing I had just done something wrong, I quickly asked for an apology from the lady. Unfortunately, she was not very happy. I said sorry for a few times but she was looking really mad. She said, “Easy to say sorry, but you have just hit my leg…It hurt, you know?” Whoops, I did not mean it, did I? Again I said sorry a couple more times, but still the lady didn’t seem to forgive me. I felt bad, really.

Then, after checking in and wandering around the shops at the airport, I saw the lady again (with her, uhm, I don’t know sister and brother maybe…). I walked toward the lady and again I said sorry… She looked a little bit friendlier to me by then. I asked her nicely if her leg still hurt and she said *with a little smile on her face* that she felt better. I said I was glad to hear that and apologized again to her and she smiled to me. I felt so much relieved knowing she might have forgiven me.

Then, I went to a café near Periplus Bookstore. This café had Starbucks, New Zealand Juice,  and some other F&B outlets there. Although I had not had any coffee yet, I decided to buy some Cherry-Berry Juice or something like that *I forgot the exact name of the juice I ordered*. Well, I was trying to have a healthy drink, right?

After I got my juice, I picked a table, sat down, turned on my laptop, and started writing. When I grabbed the plastic container of my juice *without really looking at it*, I might have pushed the container too hard…and I spilled almost half of the juice on my skirt and shirt!! Oh, gosh!!! There was a lot of red juice on my skirt and some on my shirt. I didn’t know whether I should get mad at myself or laugh out loud of my clumsiness. I looked so messy, ouch!

I tried to clean myself but unfortunately it didn’t really work. Well, I still felt lucky that there was a Polo store right next to the café. So, I went to the Polo store, grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt, bought them and wore them straight away to change my messy clothes!! Ahahaha…what a day!!

Well, unexpected things do happen sometimes.

Those clumsy things I did today reminded me of my husband’s favorite phrase…”Look ahead!”

Aww, he loves to tell me that… always look ahead, says him.

I think it’s true though. If I had looked ahead when pushing the trolley, I wouldn’t have hit the lady’s leg in front of me. If I had looked ahead when grabbing my juice, I wouldn’t have spilled half of the juice on my clothes.

Well, at least those clumsy things had taught me to look ahead more next time 😉


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