it happened again!

January 24, 2010 at 11:17 pm Leave a comment

yes. it happened again. yesterday at 6.30 a.m.  this time it was getting closer, around mile 60 [we live in mile 68, some others in mile 66, see?].  some people had to get hospital treatment.

one of my guys couldn’t go up hill yesterday coz the road was closed due to the incident. he and lots other workers are still stuck in lowland.

i couldn’t even get any garlic at the shopping yesterday because lots of ladies had crazily bought the veggies and fresh spices after the news was spread out, like there wouldn’t be tomorrow. it was understandable though, they’re afraid nothing left to buy the next day. who knows how long the road will be closed anyway?

gosh! i mean…after 6 months, can’t anyone do anything about it? there are thousands of people here and all need to feel safe to be able to do everything properly.

now, i totally envy my friends who have left this place and live their lives out there. well, i understand the incident could happen at anytime in anywhere… but at least not the same incident continuously happens for 6 months!

see what happen. if it’s still going on and on and not getting any better, leaving for good will be the best option.


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