Lombok Visit & Komodo Cruise

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Ini adalah oleh-oleh cerita travelling aku sama Adrian, my dear hubby, bulan Juni 2008 lalu. Kami jalan-jalan di Lombok selama 4 hari, trus lanjut berlayar ke Pulau Komodo dan Rinca. Kisahnya sih sebenarnya udah aku tulis dari tahun lalu, dalam Bahasa Inggris. Ceritanya biar anak cucu kelak bisa baca juga, huahahaha…

Ini copy-paste cerita perjalanan yang udah aku tulis…

Day 1 (Wednesday, June 11th 2008) ~ Jakarta – Lombok

We flew to Lombok by Garuda at 10:50 AM. Arriving in Lombok at 13:45 we were picked up by Eko Hartono, the manager of Lombok Travel where we booked our Lombok tours. A lot of work had been done in Lombok area (especially with the roads) as the preparation of the new international airport due to completion in 2010/2011.

We had lunch in a local restaurant. We tried “Ayam Taliwang” (grilled baby chicken with Lombok spice), Lombok fried tofu, and some veggies. The lunch was quite nice although the chicken oh-so-small.

We then went to Senggigi Beach Hotel to check in.

The hotel was really nice; located on one of the supreme location on Senggigi beach, surrounded by a large green garden and beautiful coconut trees, plus it had direct access to the beach! Our room was on the 2nd floor with the view to the beach & sea (for backpacker type of traveller like us, remember to always have 2nd floor which is good for drying clothes :)).

After taking a bit of rest we took a taxi back to Mataram because we had appointment to catch up with our friend, Rita Leach. Rita took us to visit Citra Lombok Pottery which made plates, bowls, cups, etc. Mrs. Mirah, the owner, took us to their workshop where they made the pottery and showed us the process of making the pottery. We ended up buying some bowls and a set of coffee cups. Adrian wanted triangle plates with little coffee cups. It’s a unique design!

After that, we went to Mataram Mall for a window shopping. We then had dinner at the warung near the mall, forcing Rita to stay for dinner with us.

 Day 2 (Thursday, June 12th 2008) ~ Gili islands tour

We were picked up from the hotel by Pak Eko and we walked to the beach where our boat was located. We grabbed some snorkel equipment and sailed on a wooden boat to the Gili’s. The boat trip took about 1 hour ~ about 40 km.

Beautiful beaches and great view were nice treat along the way. Pak Amir was our captain of the day. He took us to Gili Trawangan area for the first snorkeling. The snorkeling was OK, but the corals there were already white because of anchoring and illegal bombing. We then continued to Gili Meno for more snorkeling. We also had lunch on the island. We had grilled mackerel fish, some stir fried veggies (which was HOT!), some lemon drinks and banana smoothies. We rang Karlene, Adrian’s sister, on the island and told her we were having a great time :). Karlene asked us to get some brochures as she might take her husband Tony for a holiday one day.

Some guys offered us pearl souvenirs which were very expensive. After lunch we took a cidomo (horse cart) and checked around the island. We saw some abandoned resorts (as the effect of Bali bomb which decreased the number of tourists to Gili islands) and also some new resorts. Beaches there were beautiful with white sand, but also contained a lot of coral which is hard to walk on.

We took some pictures of the island. Adrian and our boat captain collected some shell & coral from the beach for memories. Then, we snorkeled again. This time we did it in the deeper sea. We saw four turtles! One of them was quite big. Pak Amir said it was our lucky day to be able to see the turtles.

It was already a bit late when we sailed back to Senggigi so the sea waves were also quite high. Pak Amir kept telling us not to worry about the waves as the boat would not turn up-side down. We finally arrived safely on Senggigi Beach again and walked to the hotel along the beach. Some people offered us pearl souvenirs and we bought some. The price was lots cheaper than those in Gili Meno.

Back to our hotel room, we had shower and were so tired that we fell asleep without having dinner.

Day 3 (Friday, June 13th 2008) ~ Pearl Shop, Banyumulek Pottery, Sukarara Woven Cloths, Kuta Beach

After breakfast, we took a walk along the beach and bought two t-shirts for Rp 20,000.00 each. We were picked up again by Lombok Travel at 9:00 AM. Our driver that day was Pak Eko himself.

Pak Eko first took us to Lombok Pearl shop, a shop claimed that their products were all original and issued a certificate for every jewelry purchase. My dear hubby bought me a set of pretty pearls jewelries (a pair of earrings, a necklace and a bracelet). The bracelet was a bit too loose for me and we left it in the shop to get fixed and picked up the next day.

After Lombok Pearl, we went to Banyumulek to see local people make pottery. I got a chance to practice making a small vase.

Next place we visited was Sukarara village where the local people made woven cloths (tenun ikat) traditionally. We were told that girls in Sukarara village would be allowed to get married when they had been able to perform weaving and made the woven cloths themselves.

A local guide took us around to see people weaving. He also explained how they colored the cotton threads before weaving them. Most of the colors they used were natural, for example yellow was from turmeric, red was from betel leaf (sirih) or mangosteen shell, etc.

An old lady with black teeth and lips was chewing betel nut & betel leaf while weaving. The lady let me try weaving. It is certainly not easy and needs lots of skills! Absolutely not a job for me.

We also saw another lady weaving using the threads made of natural fiber from pineapple leafs. There was also a man weaving scarfs with letters on it (we can order a scarf with our name on, by the way). They told us that it normally took about a month to make a piece of woven cloth. A big one could take up to 4 months to complete! What a job!

Adrian bought two packages of candies and gave every kid he met some candies (he’s so sweet, isn’t he?). Finally, we went to the main building where some girls performed weaving in the front and the people sold cloths inside the building. The guys persuaded us to try putting on the Sasak tradional clothes that they normally wore for traditional ceremonies or wedding. We had some pictures of us wearing the traditional outfit.

Checking the beautiful woven cloths, we ended up buying 3 pieces with the price of Rp 2,000,000.00 or Au$ 230.00. That was a quite expensive purchase we made (that we later regretted a bit when we found out the price of the similar woven clothes in the hotel shop was only about 1/3 of the price in Sukarara village!). Anyway, because we didn’t bring much cash, Adrian paid the downpayment of Rp 1,000,000.00 and told them he would give the rest of the money to Pak Eko to drop in the village.

The local guide asked us to give him Rp 50,000.00 as the service fee.  

We then went to Lombok Kuta Beach or what they also called Tanjung Aan Beach; the beach well known of its pepper size white sand and beautiful view. Since we were going there a bit late, we didn’t stay long. We only took some pictures of the beach.

When we went back to the car, a lady offered us another woven cloth for Rp 50,000.00 only! We bought one. (Pak Eko told us the fabric was made by machine, not the hand made one. Yeah, whatever…still looked nice though…)

We went back to Senggigi through Mataram. We stopped at a seafood restaurant in Mataram for dinner. The dinner was good; the resto owner came to our table to ask if the food was OK. Good customer service.

Back to our room in Senggigi, we had a shower, then went out again to see the area around the hotel; checked a paintings shop and then had some drinks in Happy Café (it’s a famous café in Senggigi). The café provided live band performance every night. The music was good but loud, a bit of rock’n’roll music. The waiters & waitresses were wearing t-shirt uniform with the slogan written at the back of the t-shirt “I drink…I get drunk…I fall down…No problem!” :).

We ended our long day with a nice sleep after.

 Day 4 (Saturday, June 14th 2008) ~ Waterfall tour

We were picked up from the hotel at about 8:30 by Pak Jagger from Lombok Travel. We first dropped by Lombok Pearl shop to pick up my bracelet we bought the day before, then we continued our trip to Senaru Village where the ‘Sindang Gile’ waterfall located. The driver took us through the country roads with amazing view along the way…green rice fields on the sides of the road, thousands of coconut trees, some fruit trees and veggies…really refreshing.

On the way, we stopped at one point where we could see and feed monkeys (if I’m not mistaken the name of the area was Malimbu forest). The monkeys took some nuts or snacks we put on our palms; some of them were a bit aggressive in taking the food. Adrian took some photos; and while he’s taking the photos, one monkey showed its sharp teeth to Adrian which made him jump back almost fall down the valley behind him! I also almost got a free ‘shower’ when one monkey on the tree pissed on us. Adrian managed to grab and save me. We still could see the monkeys all the way for about 2 – 3 kilometers along the road from where we stopped.

Then we passed one rice fields area where some farmers were working on the fields. They ploughed the field with the help of some cows (two cows for every plough). Adrian was really interested on how they were working; and instead of only taking pictures, he also tried operate the plough himself.

We then continued our trip to Senaru village. We arrived in Senaru at lunch time. We stopped & had lunch at the Senaru Cottage & resto. The food was OK, the beautiful view added an extra joy. After lunch we were accompanied by a local guide (his name’s Sata) to the waterfall. There were two waterfalls; the first waterfall was not too far from the village (but not too special), and the second one took a while of walking to get there.

We decided to walk to the second waterfall. The walk was not too difficult but not easy either. The path to waterfall had been built (a concrete path) but we also had to cross the river with slippery stones. The second waterfall was great! On the middle of the way, Adrian was intrigued by the Dutch engineering for the water channel. The walk to the waterfall and back to the restaurant took us about 2 hours.        

Pak Jagger took us back to Senggigi through different road by the coast. We stopped for a while to enjoy the sunset in our way back. Then, we also stopped at the hill (name??) and bought some grilled spicy corns. Eating the grilled corns and enjoying the evening panorama from the hill was really good. Some tourist couples got there by motorbikes. It might be good also for us to rent a motorbike and wander around on the motorbike. Next time…

Some people also sold t-shirt for Rp 15,000.00 (cheaper again from the t-shirts they sold at the beach).

We were back to the hotel at about 7 PM. After having shower, we decided to go out again for a dinner. We took a walk along the Senggigi street to find a shop that sold laundry string, but on the way we were offered to buy some paintings. They were beautiful paintings, but the seller was kind of forcing us to buy, and from the 1st price of Rp 500,000.00 he then offered us Rp 100,000.00 per painting. Not really interested though. We also checked the local souvenir shop and bought a silver necklace with a red coral pendant for me. It was already 9:30 PM when we finally went to the restaurant for dinner. Because Happy Café was very full, we went to the café across the road, Papaya Café. There was also live music there but the music was more of chill out type of music, not the rock’n’roll one. The food was really nice and the band was good too! Every band player was very skillful; the main singer was not only singing but also playing guitar, flute, tambourine, and some other music instruments. Very talented.

At about 11:30 we decided that we had to go back to the hotel for packing our luggage because the next day we were going on the cruise to Komodo island.

Day 5 (Sunday, June 15th 2008) ~ 1st day of Komodo Cruise

We couldn’t be late that morning because we would be picked up at 8:00 AM to start the cruise. So, we woke up a bit early, had breakfast, and took a walk near the beach to get some more t-shirts for souvenirs.

Before checking out, we dropped by the hotel shop. And guess what we found? The similar woven cloths with the one we bought in Sukarara village for Rp 1,000,000.00 but in the hotel shop they were sold for Rp 300,000.00 each!!! We realized that we had got ripped in the village! Adrian then bought one more large woven cloth and some small ones.

Bus picked us at 8:00 AM, and we were in the same minibus with some middle age Australians who were also joining the cruise. All of us joined the Komodo Cruise managed by Perama Tour. On the way to the harbour, we stopped at the mall to buy some extra snacks and drinks (Adrian bought some cans of beer to be brought on board). We also stopped by at the Perama office to get Perama t-shirt. There, they also gave us a Sasak traditional cake, made from sticky rice, grated coconut, and sugar, and wrapped with palm leaf. It was quite nice and might be good for muesli alternative should we go for hiking. (The cake could last for a week in room temperature).

Before going to Lombok harbour, Perama group took us to Masbagik village (Sasak traditional village) which also made pottery. They also showed us how to make the pottery with a simple rotated wooden tool. The interesting thing was, the village people once were given some modern pottery machine by New Zealand government, but because they didn’t know how to use the machine, they were back again to the traditional tool.

After visiting Masbagik Village, we visited the Perama Dock, where they made the boats. There we saw one half finished phinisi boat. Banana fritter & hot tea were served for refreshment.

There were 44 people joining the cruise, so we used 2 boats. Adrian & I got boat 212 with 18 other people while 24 other people were in boat 214. The boat crew were all young, even the cook in our boat was only 19 years old!

Our guide, Aan, gave us some briefing about the tour on the boat while we were sailing to Perama island (a private island managed by Perama group). Besides informing the tour, he also told that they had provided a cool-box full of soda drink & beers, some snacks near the pantry, also sleeping bags, mats, and blankets. They put all the prices on the white board so the tour participants could take what they wanted or needeed themselves. All we had to do was writing what we took on the passenger record. The boat crew would give us the bill based on the record at the end of the tour. Honesty was really needed in this situation.

Mr. Perama, the founder of Perama group was joining us on the boat. He was a kind of down-to-earth person with very simple clothes. You wouldn’t have a guess that he was the owner of the business. Adrian & I took our time to talk to him. He was a nice person to talk to.

We stopped at Perama island for some activities. First, we snorkelled. Snorkeling near the island was lots nicer than in Gili’s. They replanted the corals and kept the environment as natural as possible. So, we still could enjoy the colorful corals and fish.

Enough with snorkeling, we joined some guys for beach volley ball. The guys playing were some Indian’s guys (born in UK – Amit, AK, Paras, and some other boys), Switzerland girl (Lea) and Canadian girl (Heather). Adrian & I played in opposite team. My team won the fist set then Adrian’s team came back 2 – 1. It was fun although I hadn’t played volley ball for a long time. I was surprised that my husband could play volleyball quite well. I had never known he played volleyball. Adrian’s team won the game.

After playing beach volley ball we had fresh water shower. The water was transported from Lombok (Mataram) because there was no fresh water on the Perama island. The shower chambers were on the beach with woven bamboo wall about 1.5 meter in height (no roof), and a big water jug was put higher than someone’s head. Some Perama guys filled the big jug. The jug had a tap on the bottom so we could have ‘shower’. The fresh water shower on the island was a luxury considering the water was transported from another island.

When the night came, everybody gathered around bonfire prepared by Perama guys and had dinner together. The Perama crew served grilled tuna fish, some salad, fresh pineapple slices, steamed rice, and also Lombok chili salad.

After dinner, Adrian & I took a walk along the beach arround the island. Since the island was not big, the walk took about 20 – 30 minutes. It was so romantic walking along the white sand beach, holding hands, enjoying the sound from the sea and seeing the sparkling lights form Lombok island in the distance… Flashlight was not needed as we got enough light from the full moon above us. Lalalala…honeymoon is on the air…:)

Back to the group after walking, people were singing & some guys were playing the guitar around the bonfire. Some guys volunteered themselves to sing in front of everybody. We had fun! The party was ended by Sajojo dance performance by the boat crew and some tour participants (including myself :))

We left the island at 9 PM, back to our boats, and continued the journey to the next destination, sailing all night. We had to change the cabin because our first Eagle cabin smelled like fuel burning. We were quite lucky that the cabin across from our cabin was empty that we could use.

 Day 6 (Monday, June 16th 2008) ~ 2nd day of Komodo Cruise

The wake up call was at 6 AM. We were taken using smaller boat to Satonda island where we did a bit of hiking to the hill and swimming in the salty water lake in the island. The hike was OK; we stopped by the look up point at the top of the hill and enjoyed the view. After that some people plunged into the warm lake. I wasn’t interested to swim at first, but then I was tempted by the calm, clear water which just look like a big swimming pool. I enjoyed the swimming, really.

After hiking & swimming we went back to the boats for breakfast, and after breakfast we snorkeled again. The underwater view there was so good. We saw more coral & fish. After snorkeling, we continued our trip to the next stop. Had lunch on the boat, after lunch we were just relaxing on the boat, enjoying the sea breeze, some of us reading books or just talking to each other.

At about 3 PM the boat crew took us again on shore to the beach on Donggo island. Not much we could see in Donggo. The beach wasn’t breath taking and there was too much coral on the beach that none of us was interested to swim or snorkel. We were just sitting on the  beach, some people had sun-bathing, some others were just chatting with each other and enjoying some beers. We didn’t spend much time there.

Back to the boat, we had shower (yes, thanks God we could have fresh water shower on the boat as well!! The water was only running when the boat machine’s running, otherwise all we could get was the sticky salty water), then we had dinner. After dinner, some people on our boat were watching a movie, some of us (including me) were having conversations at the front of the boat. We got to know more people in our 2nd day of the cruise trip. Adrian got along very well with most of the cruise trip, especially those India-UK born guys.

The hike & swimming in the lake were quite tiring, and we went to sleep at about 9 PM.

Day 7 (Tuesday, June 17th 2008) ~ 3rd day of Komodo Cruise  

Our boat arrived near Komodo island at about 6 AM. After a bit of shower, got ready for the hiking, we had breakfast on the boat before heading to the island. After breakfast, the speedboat took us group by group to the island. Adrian & I managed to take some pictures on the jetty and also at the entrance to the island. We all were very excited to see the komodo dragons!

After everybody gathered, one ranger explained the hike and also what we would probably see on the island. Our guide, Aan, from Perama was also with us. The ranger told us that May to July was a mating & breeding season for the Komodo dragons and we would have a small chance to see the dragons because most of the dragons were in the jungle. He said female dragons were less in number than the male ones (3 or 4 males for 1 female) so during the mating & breeding season the males normally fought each other to get a female. Those won the fight would then get a ‘partner’.

The interesting thing is, after the males got females and finished the breeding, the males then left the females to lay the eggs themselves. The females laid the eggs in a hole on the ground, and left the eggs to hatch without the parents. When baby Komodo dragons had been hatched, they had to get the food themselves. Some were attacked and eaten by other adult dragons or big bird, some dead because they couldn’t survive; so from 12 – 13 eggs hatched, there would be only 2 or 3 dragons survive. Decreasing number of the natural food (wild buffalos, deer, pigs, etc) also contributed to the decreasing number of the dragons.

Anyway, after the explanation from the ranger, we started walking. The whole group from Boat 212 walked in a line, led by two rangers in front and one guide at the back. The route for the hike was about 5 km and took us about 2 hours. We saw a deer, some cockatoos, wild orchids and some other interesting flora & fauna on the way. After about 45 minutes walking, we arrived at one stop point where people used to feed the komodo before 1994. Based on the story from the rangers, it was easy to see the komodo around that stop point back then as they all gathered around the feeding place (because it was easy for them to get the food). However, the feeding activity had disturbed the natural seasons of the komodo (the mating & breeding seasons, etc). So, in 1994, the practice was stopped and komodo dragons were then back to their natural habitat.

After taking a bit of rest, we continued walking. We still saw none of the dragons yet! Although the view was wonderful, our main purpose of visiting the island was to see the dragons in their natural habitat.

Feeling exhausted and disappointed of not seeing any of the dragons, we walked back to the starting point of the hike (near the jetty) and our stop point was at the cafeteria. Just a few meters from the cafeteria, some people shouted…”Come over here…there’s a komodo dragon!”. We walked faster toward the cafeteria to see if there was really a dragon as the people told us.

And there it was…a big komodo dragon, lying peacefully in the toilet!!! It felt like a joke. We walked all the way through the jungle for the komodo hunting, and all we could see was a big komodo lying in the toilet!

Some of us managed to get closer to the komodo to take some pictures or just to see how it looked like. Our ranger pulled the komodo’s tail to have the animal a bit out from the toilet, but the dragon resisted and crawled back inside the toilet.

Well…it’s not too bad…at least we could see one on the island.

We then went back to the boat. They had a small open market selling souvenirs like pearls, accessories made from sea shell, and some miniature of the dragons made from wood. Adrian was interested in a dragons fight wood carving. It was just small, but the price was very dear. The guy offered the carving for about Rp 600,000.00 as a start. Adrian bargained for Rp 200,000.00 but he didn’t let go. We left him to the speed boat, and he chased us all the way to the jetty, but still offer us Rp 300,000.00 for the carving. We didn’t buy it.

Back to the main boat, we sailed to the Red Angel Beach, it’s still on Komodo island, just on the other side of the island. The beach was beautiful with white sand. However, if we looked closer at the sand, we could see sand was not purely white but mixed with red sand. Maybe that’s why they called it Red Angel Beach.

The boat crew told us underwater view around the beach was one of the best in Flores area. We didn’t want to miss a chance to do the last snorkel. It was indeed beautiful. We saw many fish and the coral was also still pretty colorful. We snorkeled until we’re close to where the crew anchored the boat. One guy told us he saw a big tuna chasing smaller fish in the deeper sea not too far from the boat. We didn’t see the tuna, but we did see one turtle.

In the afternoon, the crew asked us to go back to the boat and sail to Labuhan Bajo, the harbor little town in Flores island. It was supposed to be our last trip with the Perama tour as we only took one way trip. People took return trip would have the trip back to Lombok and dropped by some islands on their way back, including Rinca island, one of the 3 islands inhabited by the komodos.

Adrian and the India guys planned to go to Rinca island as well to see komodo. They tried to organize a boat to go there. I wasn’t really happy with the plan because I had booked and paid a hotel room in Labuhan Bajo. I just wanted to take a rest before flying to Denpasar the following day. I had also organized a guy, Pak Udin, to pick us from the harbor to the hotel & later from hotel to the airport. If we were going to Rinca island, we had to cancel the hotel room. Pak Udin tried to help canceling the hotel room. He came back and told us the hotel owner didn’t give us the money back and said we could try to see the hotel owner ourselves. We went to the hotel (it’s actually more a motel than a hotel). We talked to the owner, unfortunately, he still didn’t allow us cancelling the room because he said he didn’t accept last minute cancelation. If we still cancel, he would charge us 100%! The room was at Rp 375,000.00. Adrian wasn’t happy at all with the hotel owner. Adrian then offered a solution to find another guy/ couple who want to buy the room from us.

We ended having a little argument because of the change of the plan, hotel room, and pick up arrangement. Adrian wasn’t happy because he still wanted to see the real komodo on their habitat, NOT in the toilet; I wasn’t happy because I just wanted to take a rest and didn’t really want to sleep on another boat. Anyway, finally I decided to go with him. Adrian then asked some foreigners he saw on the street to find out who wanted to buy the room. We got a Germany couple who were still looking for the room. And they were on the same boat with us. We took them to see the hotel room, the girl liked the room straight away (it’s not easy to find a room with air conditioner and nice view to the see in Labuhan Bajo). We sold the room for Rp 300,000.00. Not too bad.

Aan, our boat crew helped to get a boat. There were 10 people including us who would go to Rinca Island, and each of us paid Rp 250,000.00. The boat would be going to Rinca Island at 10 PM after farewell party on Perama boats.

Back to Perama boat at about 6 PM, we had shower, packed up our stuff, and ready for the party. The guys anchored the two Perama boats side by side. We had dinner, and after that the party was started! The guys in another boat celebrated one lady’s birthday and then each boat started the music. They entertained us with poco-poco dance and play some club music. They also served some mixed alcohol, local alcohol & import one. Tasted alright. People finally went to other Perama boat for dancing because they played better music.

At 9:30, Adrian & I left the party and prepared ourselves for the boat trip to Rinca island. Our boat was ready at the back of Perama boat. Adrian managed to rent couple of sleeping bags, some mats and couple of pillows. The best thing is, he paid all of the rental with beers we brought on board! What an interesting trading.

We had shower first before moving to another boat and we booked a spot on the boat. Other guys were still enjoying the party on Perama boat. At 9.45 PM, we called the guys to come to the boat for a bit of briefing before leaving to Rinca island. At about 10 PM our boat left Labuhan Bajo. There were two men operating the boat, the owner and his son. The boat was pretty small, no cabin, and completed by a small toiled at the back of the boat. We slept on the way to Rinca island.

Day 8 (Wednesday, 18th June 2008) ~ Rinca island & Denpasar

At about 5 AM, Adrian gave us all a wake up call. It was still dark when Adrian did that. We waited until about 5.30 AM when the sun started to shine. We had a bit breakfast on the jetty (the son of the boat owner served us banana pancake and some hot tea). We didn’t finish the breakfast because we wanted to start the hiking as soon as possible. The boat captain (the owner) joined us at the walk.

Arriving at Rinca island’s basecamp, one ranger told us we came too early. The boat captain told him we were in a hurry because we had to catch the flight to Denpasar at noon. Finally we were accompanied by one ranger for a short hike. We also saw some guys from BBC television who wanted to shoot komodo fight.

The ranger took us to the hiking track and told us that the chance to see the komodo dragon in Rinca island was bigger as the island was smaller and the population of komodo there was bigger than in Komodo island itself. However, since it was still too early, the komodo dragons were still hiding in the jungle. We were almost upset again because we didn’t see any komodo on our hiking track. On the way back to the boat, we saw some komodo track which was still new. It means that the komodo just left the place where they slept and went somewhere.

We then saw a female komodo walking on the hiking track in front of us! People with cameras were excited to take her pictures. The komodo walked calmly towards the basecamp.

Near the basecamp, we saw another female komodo. She walked towards the rubbish hole to find some food. We took some pictures of her. The komodo found some chicken bones in the rubbish hole (people shouldn’t have thrown away food waste there).

We didn’t spend too much time watching the komodo because we still had to sail back to Labuhan Bajo which took two hours. On the way back to our boat, we saw another baby komodo. So, it wasn’t too bad…we finally could see some real komodo dragons on their natural habitat.

Back to the boat, the son of the boat captain served us some banana pancake and hot tea again. Then, while others were sleeping, Adrian, AK, Balli, Heather, Paras and myself sat at the front of the boat and had some chats. It was nice to meet some good people in the trip.

Arriving at the harbor of Labuhan Bajo, we took two taxis to go to the airport. And then we flew with little plane to Denpasar.

It was a busy 8-days trip. But hey…we really enjoyed it! The most unique stuff from that trip??

Komodo in the toilet…!!! 🙂


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